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Why Do People Move to a New Home?

Have you put your roots down someplace? If so, packing up your belongings and heading out to an entirely new area might not make sense to you. Yet, it’s something that countless people go through every year.   Why do people move, and why are they so willing to go through the hassle? Discount Moving, Montreal’s […]

What Is the Best Way To Move Across the Country?

Like many Canadians, you dread the arduous long-distance moving process. It often feels like an insurmountable obstacle with an endless to-do list. However, you can significantly simplify your experience by planning well in advance.  Montreal’s long-distance movers at Discount Moving have seen catastrophes and smooth sailing during their professional experiences. They provide a comprehensive guide […]

How To Declutter Before Moving Long Distance

Most people agree that moving is among the top three most stressful life events they’ve ever gone through. It’s why the process requires careful thought and a lot of planning. One of the first things you need to do before the move is to declutter. Don’t know where to begin? Discount Moving, Montreal’s top-rated movers, has […]

Coping With Moving Stress: 15 Valuable Tips

Moving stress tips from the best moving company in Montreal

It is commonly said that moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through—right up there with divorce or a death in the family. That’s understandable when you’re packing up your entire life and moving to a new location. It can be intimidating, even if you are moving locally or making […]

Moving from Montreal To Quebec City or Quebec City to Montreal

Are you thinking about moving from Montreal to Quebec City or Quebec City to Montreal? In either case, this is a long-distance move – meaning it can come with many concerns. You’re probably asking yourself a few questions right now, such as:  As a long-distance moving company, we have lots of experience dealing with moves […]

10 Reasons To Choose Discount Moving For Your Montreal To Toronto Move

Are you looking to move between Montreal and Toronto? Moving between these two major cities can seem challenging, especially when you factor in a five-hour drive and a van full of furniture. Discount Moving, a Montreal moving company, offers comprehensive turnkey moving services for clients relocating to Montreal or Toronto. Enjoy a hassle-free Montreal to […]

About Discount Moving

When searching for a local moving company to support your big move, you deserve to have 100% confidence in your decision. Here at Discount Moving, we aren’t only experts in residential moving and commercial moving. Perhaps more importantly, we’re experts in you! As Canada’s #1 specialist in local and long distance moving, Discount Moving has […]

Planning a big move?

Even the smallest, most seemingly straightforward of moves can end up being a lot more complicated than people realize. But the big moves? They’re a whole other level of complication. Moving a few boxes from one apartment to a new one just across town can be laborious; transporting an entire home’s worth of belongings from […]

Best Movers Of Montreal

Whether you’re moving to a new city or into your dream home, there’s no denying that moving can be stressful. In fact, 9 in 10 adults say that moving home is incredibly stress-inducing. One of the easiest ways to keep your stress levels down when moving is by working with a reputable moving company to […]

Planning a Big Move

Planning a big move Montreal

Moving to a new home offers a chance to have a fresh start, but there’s a lot that has to happen before you get to enjoy all the homey comforts of your new property. For instance, you have to go through the process of actually moving all of your belongings from your current house to […]