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To make your move as easy as possible, make sure you line up your moving service as soon as possible. Having a scheduled date and time in mind can help streamline the move. Also, it helps to have a plan on where to place furniture and items once you arrive. This can help you avoid any heavy lifting later.

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Once you receive a quote, you can place a deposit on services by phone or in person. The remaining balance will be paid upon completion of the move.

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Moving and Packing tips

Schedule Your Move Ahead of Time

Avoid waiting to the last minute to schedule your move. Even if you don’t have an exact move date yet, it’s best to line up a moving company as soon as possible.

Unplug your refrigerator the day prior to the move.

Allowing your refrigerator to defrost overnight can help you avoid having a wet, stinky mess on moving day.

Remove dresser drawers to use as boxes

Removing the drawers will make your dresser lighter and easier to carry. You can wrap your drawer in Press and Seal wrap or plastic wrap to avoid having to empty them.

Pack the most important items in a clear box

Things like toilet tissue, trash bags, snacks, or other essentials should be kept in a clear, easy to recognize box that will make it easy to get to when you need them.

Pack an Overnight Bag with all your personal essentials

Pack a bag with a few changes of clothes, toothbrush, toiletries, and other personal items for easy access when you arrive.

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