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Commercial moving packing and unpacking services in Longueuil


When planning the transition from one office in Longueuil to another venue in Quebec or further afield, the highest standards must be maintained at all times to prevent the threat of major disruption to your business. Hiring reliable movers is a great way to promote a smooth process. Our commercial moving packing and unpacking services can take the convenience to an even greater level.

Whether your assets need to be transported for five miles or five hours, our commercial moving experts are here to help.

What’s included in commercial packing and unpacking services?

Most businesses that need to relocate their assets will contact reliable movers, especially when large items and large volumes of electronics are involved. While many will arrange for a team to simply collect and deliver their goods, commercial packing and unpacking services in Longueuil signal a very useful upgrade.

For starters, removing the distraction of packing and unpacking enables you to invest more time in your staff or essential admin during this transitional phase. Moreover, it ensures that the assignment is completed to the highest standards. Here at Discount Moving, our comprehensive commercial packing and unpacking services include;

  • Padding all items with the necessary packing materials like blankets or bubble wrap,
  • Making an itemized list that can be checked off during the unpacking process,
  • Using crates, wardrobe boxes, and other larger containers where required,
  • Ensuring that (where necessary) items have space to breathe inside containers,
  • Taping all boxes and containers so that they are ready for transport.

Commercial packing and unpacking forms a part of the overall commercial moving process provided by our friendly and highly professional experts.

The benefits of commercial packing and unpacking services

Commercial packing and unpacking isn’t a mandatory service, but it is one that can deliver a plethora of benefits. You’ve already let your employees know about the planned move, but it’s imperative that you complete the process in style. Otherwise, unnecessary delays could harm productivity and profitability with potentially lasting results.

While it is possible to complete the packing and unpacking tasks yourself, the professional route will be more efficient. By partnering with Discount Moving, you can;

  • Be sure that all products are transported safely and with legal compliance,
  • Save yourself from the stress of realizing you don’t have the right packing supplies,
  • Have more time for other jobs during the transition process,
  • Get back to work sooner thanks to the enhanced sense of organization,
  • Gain peace of mind from knowing that you have experts on your side.

Conversely, if you ask employees to pack items, there is always a strong possibility that mistakes will occur. Besides, it’s likely to impact their love of the business as it’s hardly the most enjoyable task that they could take on at this time. Leave the packing and unpacking to the professionals, and your team will be ready to focus on running the business.

Whether you’re moving from Longueuil to another part of Montreal or out of Quebec, call us now to learn how we can make the process easier for you.

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