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If your West Island business needs to relocate to bigger office spaces or out of Montreal to another part of Canada, you need to know that the process can be completed with as little disruption to your daily operations as possible. Discount Moving’s dedicated commercial moving and storage services are everything you could ever need.

For a fast, affordable, and reliable service that will transport your company assets from point A to point B in style, get in touch today!

Why hire a commercial moving company in West Island?

When planning to move your business to new office spaces in West Island or beyond, it’s vital that you complete the process with due diligence. While the DIY approach may seem the obvious choice, experts like Discount Moving are shown to deliver the best results for the company.

A professional moving and storage service delivers many benefits, including but not limited to;

  • You can arrange the relocation to take place at night or on the weekend so that there is less disruption,
  • All of your assets will be guaranteed to reach the new offices in perfect condition and can even be unpacked by the experts,
  • You can focus your time on managing your employees as well as the legal and logistical elements of the firm’s transition.

Taking the professional route will help you save time and money, which will also deliver the peace of mind you deserve.

Commercial moving and storage in West Island

When looking for a commercial moving company in West Island, you need to know that the movers are fully equipped to help you through every stage of the transition. Time is money, and the threat of excessive downtime could cost your business money while also damaging its reputation.

Here at Discount Moving, our experts are well-versed in commercial moving and can provide a comprehensive service that includes;

  • Managing sensitive data and files in compliance with national privacy laws. This can extend to employee contracts, company financial reports, customer details, and legal documentation.
  • Moving electrical assets ranging from computers and monitors to manufacturing machinery, POS terminals, or other equipment needed to complete your daily business operations.
  • Completing the heavy lifting of heavy-duty equipment and machinery. This may be restricted to your office assets or cover items from other workplace settings such as warehouses or stores.
  • Providing storage units to keep your assets safe while you wait for new commercial buildings to become available after leaving the old work premises. This can be done for days or weeks.

Furthermore, our experts can help you with scheduling and planning to ensure that the procedures are completed without delay or disruption. If required, we can also streamline the packing processes for you. Our fully insured and background-checked movers keep your business in safe hands during the transition.

Even when moving cross-state, we can happily keep your business assets in storage at our West Island facilities before transporting them safely to your new location once required. We make commercial moving and storage from West Island simple yet reliable, thus allowing you to begin the next phase of your business operations in style. To find out more, contact our agents today.

We’re Insured

We’re fully insured to reduce the risk of loss or damage to your items.

We’re Your New Neighbors

We might not live next door, but like a friendly neighbor, we’re here to help make your moving experience easy and enjoyable.

Come home to a worry-free moving experience. Our professional movers do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, and will make your new place start feeling more like home in no time.