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Residential Moving Brossard: Background Checks Of All Staff

When preparing to move home in Brossard, finding the right moving company will make the process far smoother. Here at Discount Moving, we complete background checks of all staff to give you an even greater level of confidence when scheduling an appointment.

Whether your residential moving Brossard services will see your valuables move across town or the country, our free quotes let you know exactly how much it will cost to transport your goods to the new home. And our vetted staff will keep your possessions in safe hands.

Why background checks of all staff are vital

Moving home is an exciting yet stressful time. Whether you’re one of the 500,000 or so annual homebuyers or a tenant relocating to a new rental home, problems with the process of actively transporting your possessions from one property to the next is the last thing you need. 

Partnering with a local moving company that promises complete background checks of all staff removes many of the potential issues. Ultimately, it means you can be sure that;

  • Your family can safely welcome the movers into the home,
  • Possessions won’t be stolen during transit,
  • The workers are licensed and permitted to conduct the work,
  • Workers will only charge you for the services they provide.

In short, working with a legitimate Brossard moving company that can confirm background checks of all staff provides the best solution for your finances, valuables, and peace of mind. Without those checks, you may inadvertently put yourself in a very vulnerable position.

Are moving scams common?

It would be lovely to live in a world where you could trust people to provide a service without taking advantage of your generosity. The harsh reality is that moving scams are rife throughout Canada and beyond. Despite national calls for government action, dozens of Canadians will be conned out of money. Worse still, victims often lose thousands of dollars as a result.

Aside from the financial losses, falling victim to moving scams will inevitably cause a lot of stress and emotional turmoil. In many cases, it can have a hugely detrimental impact on the relationship with the new home too. As such, taking the necessary precautions to avoid scams of this nature is vital. Therefore, background checks of all staff is something you should prioritize during your research.

Discount Moving is the safe, affordable, and professional solution

If working with a trustworthy and reliable company is your goal, Discount Moving is the answer. We pride ourselves on treating your possessions with the same care and attention that we would give our own. Conducting thorough employee background police checks is just one step we take during the recruitment process to ensure that our highest standards are maintained by all staff members.

We go the extra mile to find reliable, punctual, and friendly workers who can complete everything from simple local moves to long distance relocations and piano moving. We are a fully accredited and insured company that regularly receives five-star ratings from our happy customers.

And when you no longer have to worry about the moving process, you can focus on enjoying your new home from day one. You deserve it!

We’re Insured

We’re fully insured to reduce the risk of loss or damage to your items.

We’re Your New Neighbors

We might not live next door, but like a friendly neighbor, we’re here to help make your moving experience easy and enjoyable.

Come home to a worry-free moving experience. Our professional movers do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, and will make your new place start feeling more like home in no time.