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As such, we’ve been operating for years as Quebec’s trusted moving servicing province-to-province and all local areas.

We have a 5 star Google Business rating which does not come easily. We thank our cherished clients for recognizing our professionalism, quality, responsiveness and value – and we’d also like to extend that you were a pleasure to work with.

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The best moving company in Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Our cherished Québécois clients are shrewd, and they know where value lies.

As such, we pride Discount Moving on being a firm where saved costs are passed onto you. We aim to work with your schedule, no matter if you’ve moving house or trying to structure a full-scale corporate relocation department by department.

We’re familiar with what it takes to move an enterprise or a home to a new area, we’ve taken care of this in our personal lives and we’ve seen every potential client quirk that needs to be serviced with professionalism and reliability.

As such, we’re personally and professionally primed to ensure you are given gold-standard service at a discounted rate. We design our prices to remain in line with market trends and affordability, so we never have to gate access from anyone hoping to move, as we know how important this is to you.

Our company values.

As our reviews indicate, we structure our services on essential values that keep us focused and attentive to customer needs.

First, we make sure to understand that this is not just a business and our clients aren’t just “a market,” you’re all individual people with specific lives or commercial needs that need to be respected. Moving home, especially long-distance, is not just a quick jump to you, it’s a re-orientation of your entire life.

The same goes for commercial relocations, as starting a new chapter in a new premises and with a vision for the future takes courage, and we aim to help you with that.

As such, we’ve gained a reputation for offering highly professional and affable removalist staff able to offer full-scale insurance as well as packing, loading, unloading and packing services around the clock.

We aim to be as discreet, comprehensive, quick, and communicative as possible during the entire process. This way, while moving can present a fair few challenges for anyone, your removalist hire will always remain dependable.

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