Moving Company Senneville

Fragile items are priceless; they’re often precious family heirlooms passed down from loving seniors, antique furniture that once belonged to a family member,  beautiful pieces of fine art, delicate furniture such as glass coffee tables, glassware, electronic devices, and musical instruments such as pianos.  When it comes to fragile items, they tend to be the most challenging pieces to move. There needs to be a lot of precision, delicate movements, and the right packaging materials to ensure safety. 

Sadly, with one false move, something can just shatter, never being able to be fixed.  It’s a harsh reality, but when you do the move, and you don’t hire professionals, this is what’s going to happen. However, if you opt for fragile item movers in Senneville, then you can count on having a good experience. In the end, the right moving company is going to help ensure that your items get to their destination fully intact without a scratch. 

Why Should You Hire a Moving Company?

There’s nothing wrong with moving items yourself, especially if you don’t even have a lot to move; sometimes, it’s still best to have professionals on your side. When it comes to packing fragile items for relocation, there are a few key techniques that can help prevent damage during transit. This can include bubble wrap, foam sheets for cushioning, blankets for extra passing, and driving really slow. These techniques honestly work, but they mostly only work for small-scale items such as a small painting, a box of glassware, picture frames, or maybe even a small coffee table. 

You’re not going to have a successful move if everything keeps breaking. When it comes to very fragile items, or even large items like an antique hutch, a TV, sculptures, or even beyond that- items that don’t traditionally fit into boxes (let alone an average vehicle), you’re going to need some help. Discount Moving has experience with transporting these delicate items. For the most part, it can honestly be downright confusing how to pack certain items or even how to transport them. At the end of the day, you’re trying to pack your items with love and care in hopes they’ll be safe during the big move- especially those large-scale items. So why not let us help you out? You can count on our expertise to help you stay at ease! 

We Have the Right Equipment for Moving Fragile Items

No matter who you are, there is some physical item that means a lot to you. Maybe it means a lot because it’s an antique that belonged to a grandparent; maybe it’s something that’s really valuable. Generally speaking, we know how important your fragile valuables are, and we’ll treat them as if they were ours. We want you to feel confident in this.  With any moving service, it all comes down to not only knowing how to care for fragile items but also having the right equipment (and tools), as this is going to help ensure it’s all safe and successful during its relocation. 

Whether it’s large and heavy fragile items like a piano to something on the smaller side like a glass chandelier, we want you to feel confident. Plus, we know exactly what every item is going to need in order to ensure it’s going to stay safe during the move. For example, we have foam padding, custom crates, and specially designed dollies that are made for securing both heavy and awkwardly shaped items during loading and unloading. No matter where you’re moving to and from, our tools have got you covered. 

We’re the Best Movers for Fragile Items and Beyond

Large items, small items, appliances, delicate items, whatever it may be, we’re the best moving company around. We offer a range of services from long-distance moving– whether it be across Canada or even into the United States. Whether it’s residential moving or commercial moving, we still have you covered. If you’re a household filled with fragile furniture, we can move it safely out of your old home and into your new home. If you’re a business, like a museum, shop, art gallery, or beyond, we’re more than happy to help you out with your precious inventory.  We even have storage services, which can perfectly accommodate the climate and temperate needs of fragile furniture and art.

Don’t Worry, We’re Insured!

We get it; you want to save money, no offence taken at all. A lot of DIY movers who are looking to save money by transporting their own fragile goods always forgets about insurance.  Yes, even during a big move (or a small one), you’re still going to need to think about insurance. Why does it even matter? Well, Insurance coverage matters as most items someone owns are almost always not covered by warranty. 

So you can count on a warranty to not even cover transportation (no matter what the item is). Yes, while it might be a pain, especially having to worry about a whole other expense (when you want to save money). Like any reputable moving company, Discount Moving is insured. While our team of professional movers is always cautious, sometimes, accidents just happen. We offer insurance coverage, so in the case of any unfortunate accidents while en route to your new location, you’ll be adequately insured.