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Moving to another city, providence, or country is often a stressful and daunting task. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced long-distance moving company on your side to make the process swift and more efficient while taking the burden off you and your family. Discount Moving offers outstanding long-distance moving in Toronto, ON, and will help you move into your new home or business at a price that won’t break the bank.

Discount Moving is one of Toronto, ON’s most trusted moving services. We specialize in residential and commercial moving and will handle all your moving needs at a price that fits your budget. If you want to take the stress out of long-distance moving while ensuring your goods reach their location safely, contact Discount Moving.

Your Long-Distance Moving Company in Toronto, ON

Moving to a faraway place is much more strenuous and complex than moving locally. Long-distance moves often take several hours or days and can significantly increase the chances of something going wrong, especially if you try to move everything yourself.

Our professional long-distance moving services make the process much easier and more secure, ensuring a safe and efficient move no matter your final destination. We handle everything from packing your goods to setting up your new property, giving you immaculate moving services from beginning to end.

What Qualifies as a Long-Distance Move?

Any move further than 60 kilometres from your starting destination qualifies as a long-distance move. If you are unsure if your move surpasses 60 kilometres, we will help you determine the distance and provide the best service for your needs. Our team offers both long-distance and local moving, making us your premier destination for all your moving needs in Toronto.

Our Long-Distance Moving Services

Long-distance moving in Toronto is much more complex than simply packing your belongings and transporting them to your new residential or commercial property. It demands extensive planning, time, and preparation to ensure a successful and safe process. That’s why our long-distance moving package consists of several high-quality services that ensure you have an exceptional moving experience. 

Below are just some of the services you can expect from our professional long-distance movers in Toronto, ON.

Professional Packing Services

Quality packing is essential to protect your belongings and stay organized during a long-distance move. Our team understands the best packing methods and will pack up your belongings while taking measures to safeguard them during transport.

Special Equipment Handling

Some items require extra care to stay safe and secure while moving. That’s why we utilize top-quality equipment and moving techniques to transport your goods without causing damage.

Vehicle Transportation

Many Toronto families have multiple cars and can’t move them all at one time. Fortunately, we offer first-class vehicle transportation and will help you move your vehicles to your new property safely and efficiently.

Storage Facilities

Sometimes you can’t move into your new home or business right away and need a safe place to store your possessions until move-in day. Our storage facilities will keep your belongings safe and secure until you’re ready to move into your new property.

Furniture Installation

Setting up your new home or business by yourself is incredibly time consuming and laborious. That’s why our team helps you install furniture, electronics, and all your other possessions so you can settle into your new property without delay.

Cross-Border Moves Between Canada and the United States

If you are moving from Canada to the United States or from the United States to Canada, that counts as a long-distance move! Let our packers, movers, and furniture installers make the process of moving between countries hassle-free for you.

Professional Movers in Toronto, ON, That Make Your Their Number One Priority

At Discount Moving, nothing is more important to us than satisfying our customers. We also prioritize your needs and provide impeccable customer service to ensure you have a pleasant moving experience whenever we help you move. Our team remains friendly and transparent throughout the process and will help you with anything you need along the way. 

We offer professional moving during peak and off-peak times, giving you superb service no matter the time of day. You can always expect the following from Discount Moving:

  • Friendly and polite movers 
  • A professional and hardworking team
  • 100% satisfaction

Contact Discount Moving for Unmatched Long-Distance Moving in Toronto, ON

If you’re moving to a new city or province, or even embarking on a cross-border move between Canada and the United States, and need first-class movers to help you pack and transport your belongings, contact Discount Moving. We offer high-quality long-distance moving in Toronto, ON, and will take the stress off your shoulders so you have a pleasant moving experience. Contact Discount Moving go to our quote form and see what our movers can do for you today!

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