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Moving from New York to Montreal

After your madcap adventures in New York and years of busy life in the great American metropolis, you’ve decided to return home to beautiful Montreal. Or maybe you’re an immigrant who loves living in a big city, but would like to discover Quebec’s rich culture and swap New York pizza for poutine and a smoked meat sandwich? Whatever your reason for moving from New York to Montreal, making a move between two countries can be very complex. Fortunately, due to the proximity, it’s possible to make the move by land, so you won’t have to worry about managing the transportation of your goods by plane or boat. However, this also has its challenges. How do you find and coordinate movers in New York and Montreal? How easy is it to find a truck that can be booked in New York and dropped off in Montreal? And do I have all the equipment I need to move all my objects, furniture and boxes without damaging them? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start planning.

That’s where we come in. We’re a Montreal moving company, but we offer long-distance, all-inclusive moves between New York and Montreal. Our cross-border moving company has all the tools, employees and skills needed to make your move a breeze. With our experience moving between the two cities, we know in advance what challenges lie ahead, and we can easily handle them.

From customs clearance to coordination between the two cities, our long-distance movers will provide you with a complete service, without the need to break your back. Our 5-star moving company adapts to your every need. Do you have a specific request and aren’t sure if we offer it? Contact us, and you’ll probably be surprised! We offer a wide range of services.

If the move is complex and furniture has to be moved over balconies, we offer palleting services, a pulley mechanism used to lift furniture to simplify the move and avoid having to dismantle or dispose of certain pieces of furniture. We have experience in both cities, and are familiar with the situation in the different neighborhoods. We’re very comfortable with the narrow staircases and old buildings we find in these two beautiful cities. With our team, you can be sure that your furniture will be well protected along the way, and that we’ll take good care of it on the move. Our team is well-trained to deliver an exemplary quality move.

If you’re looking for the best moving company, you know who to contact. It’ll be the easiest move of your life! For more information about our cross-border moving services, contact our team and request a quote.

We’re Insured

We’re fully insured to reduce the risk of loss or damage to your items.

We’re Your New Neighbors

We might not live next door, but like a friendly neighbor, we’re here to help make your moving experience easy and enjoyable.

Come home to a worry-free moving experience. Our professional movers do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, and will make your new place start feeling more like home in no time.