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Moving from Ottawa to Montreal

One morning, a call from an employer surprises you… and yes, you’ve just landed a job in Canada’s most culturally vibrant city: Montreal! You’re quietly preparing for a new adventure, but there’s one thing on your mind: the move! Moving from Ottawa to Montreal may seem daunting, but by following these simple tips, you can simplify the task and reduce the stress that comes with moving to a new city!

The search for the perfect home

Before you even start thinking about moving, the first thing you’ll need to do is find your new home. Are you planning to buy or rent? If you want to buy, you’ll need a real estate broker to guide you. For those who want to rent, there are a few rules to know that may help you. In Quebec and Montreal, most rental listings are found on Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji. However, if you get creative, you can find many other offers. For example, some people post their rental units on the street, while others work with real estate brokers. By looking off the beaten track, you may find apartments that suit you and are affordable. The biggest difference between the Ontario and Quebec markets is the end date of leases. Most leases end on the 1st of the July. If you can move in July, you’ll have access to many more offers. Don’t worry if you need to move at another time, as many apartments are available the rest of the year.


Now that you’ve found an apartment, you’ll need to plan ahead and identify your needs. Do you have a lot of furniture? Is it large? Is your furniture difficult to move? Think about anything that might be more complicated. You can think about the location of both apartments. Are they on a busy street? Will you need a permit to put the truck in? Are there spiral staircases (the Montreal classic!) that could complicate the task? Once you’ve identified all these elements, you’ll be able to better assess and plan your moving day.

Doing business with a professional moving service

Moving between two major cities is much simpler if you deal with a professional moving service. Asking friends to help you move is complicated enough when you’re moving within the same city, imagine how complicated it would be to coordinate between two distant cities! Make sure you contact a long-distance moving team that’s familiar with this kind of move. They’ll know the challenges that await you thanks to their expertise, and can easily handle them with their well-equipped trucks. With the right equipment, they’ll know how to protect your belongings and simplify the journey. It’s also much simpler to use a fixed-price moving company, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises on moving day.

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