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Are you planning a residential relocation to a new area?

Moving house can be taxing for anyone. After all, this process requires picking up everything you orbit your life around and moving it to a new location entirely. As such, even moving one town away can be a herculean effort.

Thankfully, there are services to help you. With Discount Moving, The Best Moving Company in Chateauguay, you never have to worry about the safe transportation of your most cherished possessions.

What services are available for residential relocation?

We recognize that packing and moving your most personal possessions requires a trustworthy, reliable service, so our residential relocation services are happy to work with your unique schedule and needs.

We can handle everything from packing to loading to unboxing and storing your possessions. However, we’re also very happy to pick up pre-packaged boxes if you’d rather take care of that process yourself.

As such, our full-service Movers Chateauguay services have helped families of all shapes and sizes with a variety of needs. Our cherished clients use us to improve the convenience and comfort of their move – which is already a complex process.

What protections do you offer?

We make certain that our full insurance keeps your items safe and sound even if we’re transporting them long-distance. As such, you can always ensure the value is protected no matter what. 

We’re also more than happy to take designated boxes as you transport others personally. In addition, our moving specialists are trained in correctly packaging and storing fragile items so you can ensure the condition is preserved from place to place.

Need to send your 70” inch television across the country? Movers Chateauguay can do so safely. Our robust trucks and accountability measures are key in protecting and transporting all items of value and sentimental worth.

What differentiates Discount Moving from its competition?

Discount Moving is comprised, operated, and supported by people who know all the worries and tribulations that can come with moving house. We’ve designed our service to be as compatible with the mover’s needs as possible.

After all, many of the problems or worries you’ve faced before, we’ve experienced ourselves. As such, our service is designed to provide peace of mind, priding ourselves on the “friendly neighbour” level of service, ensuring our residential relocation services feel like a helping hand from a trusted friend.

At Movers Chateauguay, we aim for the seamless occupation of your new comforting household, for the safety and well-being of your family. As such, no job is too large or small, and no distance within Canada is too great to travel.

Our fantastic communication standards will ensure you feel supported and informed throughout the entire process. This means you can book the services you need, give us the instructions, and forget about it. 

We understand moving comes with many different tasks to complete. As such, we’d prefer to do our jobs, and let you get on with it.

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No job is too big or small. We offer:

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