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Moving can be both exciting and intimidating – from packing your belongings to managing logistics, you must complete various tasks to successfully transition into your new house. One aspect that often needs careful consideration when moving is storage/service options available to you during the transition period; whether temporary storage for personal possessions is required, or commercial moving is desired, knowing what options there are will facilitate an easier move with reduced stress levels during this transitional phase. In this post we examine key considerations when considering storage/service options during house moves.

Make a Note of Your Requirements

Before embarking on any move, it is vitally important that you fully assess your storage requirements. Take into consideration factors like size and nature of items to be stored as well as availability of space within your new home and timeline of move when conducting this assessment. When extra belongings become necessary due to temporary storage needs there are various solutions such as self-storage units or portable containers or professional moving companies who offer temporary storage services which might work better; familiarising yourself with them will enable you to select an apt option. 

Researching Storage Facilities

Carefully researching storage facility choices requires doing your homework. For optimal protection of electronics or antiques that need special handling, climate controlled units provide optimal environments. Read reviews about available units; visit facilities if possible and inquire into security measures, accessibility issues or insurance issues that apply – choosing an established provider with reliable storage is imperative in safeguarding valuable items during their storage term. Looking into Movers Pointe-Calumet before you begin the process is a good idea.

Coordination Moving Services

Based on your unique requirements, professional or specialty residential moving services may be necessary. Research several moving companies and compare quotes before selecting which best meets them all – some provide full-service options which cover packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking at their new destination; others specialise in specific aspects like transporting fragile objects like artwork and pianos – make sure these valuable objects arrive safe with them!

Declutter and Downsizing

Moving is an opportunity to purge, declutter and downsize your belongings. Before packing them away for transporting, make an inventory list and decide whether they can be kept, donated or thrown out; doing this could save storage space as well as decrease moving costs; yard sales could even help generate extra income by selling unwanted items, especially when using long distance moving services!

Insurance Coverage

Protecting items during a move requires taking proactive measures. A key element in doing so is checking with both your homeowner’s or renter’s policy as to which areas may require extra coverage – many storage facilities also offer this extra layer, and asking about their chosen moving company’s coverage gives an added layer of reassurance should unforeseeable circumstances arise during transit.

Final Thoughts

Moving can be a complex, exhausting and emotionally taxing task; by carefully considering storage and service needs prior to starting the move, however, stress levels can be greatly decreased. Researching suitable storage facilities; planning moving services; decluttering as necessary by yourself as well as procuring adequate insurance are all vital considerations that will facilitate an organised transition to your new residence complete with stored possessions safely waiting their turn in line at destination.