Moving Company Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles

When you’re moving, you probably are aware of all the cost that goes into it. You’re having to put a deposit or a downpayment on your new home, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The paperwork alone is pretty stressful, right? You have packaging material you need to purchase, such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. There may be other services you have to pay for, such as for a real estate agent or a notary. But it still doesn’t end there, either; you need to consider the logistics. 

Not just packing your items but the timing, in case you may need a storage facility, rent a large vehicle for transport or hire a moving company. In the end, you’re going to want to save on time, money, and, most of all, stress. The movers Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles may be just who you need to make this move seamless, especially with our free quotes!

Why Go with Discount Moving?

If you’re someone who needs to make a move and hands-down you know you can’t do this alone, that’s where we come in. Whether you’re in great need of a long-distance move, such as moving to the United States from Canada, having to move your commercial business elsewhere, or a cheap residential move, we’re here for you. We’re dedicated to our customers, and without long-distance moving, commercial, and residential services at affordable prices, we solely focus on letting you give us all the heavy lifting, as you have plenty on your hands. That’s why we’re happy with the full transparency we offer with our free quotes. 

How Can You Request a Free Quote from Your Local Discount Moving Company? 

Do you ever feel annoyed that to get some quotes, you need to shoot through hoops? After all, you’re the one who’s trying to use a business and its services. There’s no reason for them to make it as complicated as possible for you, right? 

With that said, we get it; we totally do. In fact, that’s why we stand out because we know that our competitors don’t make it the easiest to get a quote. But that’s actually where we come in and prove how we’re far better than any other moving company around. We’re super dedicated to making the entire experience easy-peasy for you. We don’t want you to shoot through hoops; we just want you to have an easy experience; we don’t want you stressing- that’s our job! 

So, how can you get a free quote from us? Well, it’s pretty straightforward, and we made sure to make it as simple as possible to find and fill out. 

  • First, visit our website, and you’ll see the red “Free Quote” button
  • After clicking, you’ll be met with a new page. You’re going to have to fill out our online form with your basic information, including your name, contact details, current address, and destination. 
  • Ideally, if you can, it would help if you could also specify the type of services you require, such as what floor for apartments, whether stairs or elevators are needed, and even the language, such as English or French.

After filling it out, you’re going to wait a bit. But don’t worry; we always try to get back to everyone ASAP who fills out the form. It’s usually going to take a couple of business days to reach back out, but we’ll do what we can to reach out even sooner. 

Once our representatives gets in touch with you, there’s going to be some important questions that need to be answered. So, you all will discuss the specifics of your move. You can count on them asking about any special needs or concerns you’re probably going to have regarding your belongings and maybe even the timeline of when things need to be moved. 

Plus, the most important part of all, budgeting, is going to be discussed. Our questions are going to help give the most accurate estimation of costs.  We entirely understand the headache that goes behind moving and how much of a hassle the logistics can be, which is why we’re here to help!

No Strings Attached

You don’t have to worry about us expecting you to use our service. You should shop around for the best moving company, as everyone has different needs when they’re moving. When you’re getting a free quote from us, that’s all you’re getting. You’re just getting a free quote of how much your move is going to cost. Our series of questions (including the online form) is there to help you get an idea so you can then choose the best moving company for you.   

How Our Free Quote Can Benefit You

Do free quotes actually help? Well, why wouldn’t they? If you’ve never moved before, you’re probably going to be lost on how much the average move cost. You’d be surprised how often people overestimate and underestimate the cost of moving- and yes, even DIY moving is still going to cost you.  Generally speaking, new or unfamiliar movers really don’t know the importance of packing and how some items need to be packed a certain way. Fragile items, especially heavy ones need to be carried and packed very specifically, plus, some people might not even have the right car or space for it. That’s why we’re here with our free quotes. 

We don’t expect everyone to be seasoned in moving like we are, we specialize in this so we can help others, people like you.  We want our free quotes to be invaluable because you deserve to get a general idea of the pricing without feeling like you’re obligated to use our service.  Our expert movers are here for you, we’re all well-versed in all aspects of moving – from packing fragile items to navigating tricky moves up multiple flights of stairs.  You have enough to carry, so let us carry the rest.