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Moving seems easy on the surface. You find a place to go, pick up your belongings, and head there, right?

In reality, the process is much more complex to plan out. As you likely know, it can take a great deal of physical and emotional legwork to collect and carry all of your life’s possessions from place to place.

Never fear – because Discount Moving is more than happy to share our best advice for moving house or commercial enterprise. We’re very good at this, so why not leave all the worries and difficulties to us?

This insight, combined with the best movers in Saint-Hubert, will ensure your move progresses seamlessly thanks to our services.

  1. Set the schedule:

Set a timeline you can depend on. A schedule that allows you to meet certain deadlines motivates your planning outside of your job, family duties, and other responsibilities you have to take care of.

Setting a date for move-in will be your ultimate “end-point” worth aiming at. Here you can book time from your job to work with us, your removalists, or arrange utility contract switches to the new property. Give yourself enough time for each step, and you’ll be on your way.

  1. Pack your belongings (or let us do it):

At Discount Moving, we’re more than happy to help you pack and load all your possessions before transitioning to your new property. 

However, it does help us if you can easily categorize which possessions you’d like to fit in which boxes, label those that are most fragile, and those boxes you’d like to access first during the unload.

We can also provide full-scale insurance to give you peace of mind from start to finish. This way, if anything is lost or damaged, you can be reimbursed for the full cost of the item.

  1. Arrange a mutual move-out time:

It’s not a comfortable feeling to see your current home buyers pressuring you while you’re trying to plan a move. 

As such, it’s always smart to agree on a particular move-in deadline for them so you can be gone and traveling to your new home before they pick up the keys to your current abode.

The same goes in the reverse direction, as planning a move-in date you can stick to will help you avoid treading on the heels of those you’re purchasing from.

  1. Book accommodations for the journey:

If you’re traveling far enough to your new home, you may not be able to achieve the entire trip in just one day. Don’t worry about us – we’re more than happy to hang on to your items for a small while as you drive your vehicles to the new property. If necessary, we can even use storage to keep your items for a reasonable amount of time while you make arrangements.

Better yet, if someone is there to meet us ahead of time (such as a relative or friend that has flown to your new house to greet us), we’d be happy to unload and unpack your possessions securely before you arrive. This way, everything can be waiting for you upon your visit.

Regardless, setting accommodations such as booking a hotel between long drives can help you feel refreshed, and this way you’ll make an excellent adventure out of the whole ordeal.

Our drivers to know the beauty of an open road as they safely transport your goods to your new home. If you want to relax and take in the view, that’s perfectly acceptable.

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