Moving Company Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Oh, moving, it’s tough, maybe a little too tough for a person to deal with. You might have a little too much on your plate at the moment. Do you have the right vehicle for the move? Do you even have enough people who are willing to spend their free day giving you a hand? Of course, you’re hoping everything will be as easy as possible; it is a move, after all. But we know we can help with our services. We’ve been helping everyone in Pierrefond-Roxboro for years now, and we’d like to help you out too. 

Honestly, whatever you need, from residential movers to commercial movers for your business, or if you’re taking a giant leap like moving across Canada, then our long-distance moving service is right for you. Unlike the average moving company, we like to take it a step further by offering a storage facility for our customers. That’s right; we’ll even hold onto things for you while you manage the big move. 

Why Does a Reliable Storage Facility Matter?

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences that everyone will go through at least once in their life. While moving can be exciting due to all of the potential opportunities you’re opening yourself up to, in the end, it’s just still going to be stressful. Just think about it, you have to keep organized, create the right schedule, figure out what you’re keeping and what you’ll donate, and then there’s just the whole logistics of all of it.

 Aside from packing your belongings and the transportation itself to your new location, you might find that you have too much you want to keep- especially if you’re downsizing at home. So instead of having to scramble or depart with all of your season items or even those sentimental pieces, why not put them in a storage facility?  Our storage services here at Discount Moving in Pierrefound-Roxboro can help you!

Why Would You Need a Storage Facility?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to use storage, but when it comes to moving, it’s all about the timing really. Timing is everything when it comes to a successful move. It’s not always as simple as just moving out of one home and the same day moving into another. There may be gaps of time that sadly don’t overlap, such as days, weeks, or maybe even months. So during those awkward times, you might need a storage solution to hold you over until you can move into your new home. 

But bad timing isn’t the only thing that gets in the same; sometimes, it’s just downsizing into a new home. While more and more homes in Canada are getting smaller, for many households, it means fewer things or at least fewer things that can be stored in the home (such as seasonal items). So what better way than to have them somewhere safe? Whether you’re moving your belongings into a commercial space or residential, you can count on our storage services and our movers Pierrefonds-Roxboro to secure your belongings. 

What Makes Our Storage Services So Special?

Sure, you can choose any storage facility in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro area, but do you really have the space in your vehicle, let alone the time to move everything? What about help too? While we have our storage services, we also have our movers putting everything into the storage facility for you. You won’t have to worry about renting a van or a truck, you won’t have to worry about asking people for help, and you certainly won’t have to worry about finding time (or the strength) to move everything yourself. 

Our Storage Facilities

Sometimes, when it comes to a long-distance move, you need to try to save money where you can, especially when the timing isn’t working the way you hoped. Moving can be a daunting task, especially when you are running out of space to store all your belongings. At Moving Company Pierrefonds-Roxboro, we understand the importance of having flexible storage options that meet individual needs. Our state-of-the-art warehouses offer secure and climate-controlled spaces for short or long-term storage.  You won’t have to worry about your gorgeous antique furniture getting damaged, sentimental items like photo albums fading due to moisture, or even mold developing on your clothes.

 Our facilities are completely secured and are protected from humidity levels or from extreme temperatures. Plus our advanced security systems, such as our 24/7 video surveillance, is always watching and guarding belongings. So you can keep peace of mind knowing that your precious valuables are entirely safe.