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How to Save Money on a Long Distance Move

FriMay 5, 2023

We know that moving to another city can be an expensive and arduous task. Moving can create a lot of anxiety, both about the move itself and about the expenses it may entail. That’s why today we’re presenting you with some simple ways to save money on a long distance move.

Plan and book your long distance moving company as soon as possible

As soon as the decision to move is made and you have found your new home, you must think about booking the truck and movers as soon as possible. Indeed, if you book in advance, the prices are likely to be much lower. The prices of removals adapt to the demand and the closer the date, the less workers and trucks will be available. Therefore, the later you book your long distance movers, the higher the price is likely to be. Also, a long distance move requires more time, so if you want to make sure you’re not busy when the moving date arrives, book everything as early as possible. You won’t have to worry about not being able to find it. This will save you a lot of hassle and stress!

Be well prepared to avoid the unexpected

Being well prepared is essential. Most movers are paid by the hour, so obviously the better prepared you are, the fewer hours they will have to spend on the move.

First, packing your boxes yourself before moving day and labeling them properly will save you time, and ultimately money. While many long distance moving companies may offer on-site packing services prior to the move, if you want to save money, it’s more economical to do your boxes yourself.

For others, it may be more economical to have the professionals pack your things, since some people simply don’t have the time to take off work to pack boxes. Movers are used to and are quick at packing. It may cost you less to hire them for an hour than to take 4 hours off work on your end and cut into your income.

It is important to remember to unplug refrigerators and freezers, as they must have time to return to room temperature before being moved. You should normally unplug them 12 hours before moving them. This is a point that is often forgotten and can significantly complicate the move and therefore cause more delay and expense.

To avoid the unexpected, try to plan everything that is controllable. For example, you could reserve a parking space in front of your new home, if you don’t have private parking. This way, the truck will be in front of the new apartment or condo and the moving time will be shortened. This will save you even more money!

Choose a moving company that specializes in long distance moving

Choosing a company that knows about long distance moving is a good way to save money. The company, being used to doing this kind of move which can be complex and full of surprises, will know how to anticipate and deal with the problems that could potentially occur. Long distance movers will be efficient and experienced in this field. This means fewer surprises, less wasted time, fewer complications, and more money in your pocket!

Using an experienced moving company, rather than two or three friends who help you out in exchange for a beer and a slice of pizza, also protects those belongings. Long distance movers will take care to protect your furniture, appliances, boxes and other belongings throughout the move, from packing, to filling the truck, to transporting and emptying the truck. Why is this a savings? None of your items will be damaged and you won’t have to buy items again unnecessarily. And that doesn’t count the sentimental value, we don’t want to lose items we care about!

Choosing the right moving day

The choice of moving day has a great influence on the price of a long distance move. In Quebec and Montreal, the vast majority of moves take place on the first of the month, particularly the first of July. The peak moving season is considered to be from May 15 to July 15. For this reason, prices are often much higher during this period, especially around the first of July and on weekends. The price could even be double the off-season price. If you have access to your property before this date or can move a few days after this day, it is wise to choose another day. Prices for trucks and long distance and short distance moving companies will be much lower on atypical moving days. It’s definitely not possible for everyone, but it’s probably the easiest way to lower the total price of the move.

Sorting out your belongings

Before moving to another city, it’s a good idea to sort through your belongings. Why? Well, if you reduce your assets and have less furniture, boxes and items to move, the move will be shorter and easier. And the shorter the time, the lower the final bill. If you cut back enough, you may even be able to afford a smaller truck. Everyone has items that collect dust in a closet, why not donate or sell them? Start fresh and avoid clutter in your next home, and save money! You may even have large pieces of furniture and appliances that don’t fit or will take up too much space in your future home. Try to think about this before you move to avoid moving heavy and bulky furniture, only to get rid of it.