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10 Reasons To Choose Discount Moving For Your Montreal To Toronto Move

Are you looking to move between Montreal and Toronto? Moving between these two major cities can seem challenging, especially when you factor in a five-hour drive and a van full of furniture. Discount Moving, a Montreal moving company, offers comprehensive turnkey moving services for clients relocating to Montreal or Toronto. Enjoy a hassle-free Montreal to Toronto move with Discount Moving’s comprehensive packing services.

Read on to find ten reasons to choose Discount Moving for your move between Toronto and Montreal.

1. A Montreal Moving Company

We are a Montreal moving company with extensive knowledge of the local area. We know all the best travel routes so that whether you’re moving to or from Montreal, we can collect and deliver your items swiftly to your new home. 

We know that moving can be stressful, but with our local area knowledge, you can feel confident that we’ll be able to swiftly and securely navigate Montreal, even during peak travel times. Feel secure in the knowledge that we’ll deliver your items in time for your new job or office move. Our clients frequently comment on our professional and speedy service.

2. Residential Moving Expertise

Our Montreal movers team has decades of experience helping families move home from Toronto to Montreal or vice versa. We treat your household items with the same care as our own and know the importance of helping people pack and unpack their family home and transport it to a new location. You can trust us to securely pack, transport and unpack your beloved family items to your new home.

3. Business Moving Knowledge

Moving your business from Montreal to Toronto can be high-stakes, especially when company downtime costs money. Our efficient and professional commercial moving service can help you pack and assemble your new office in a move between Toronto and Montreal. Enjoy a streamlined moving process for you and your employees. 

Feel confident that your essential office items will be safely and securely transported to your new business location. Our turnkey moving services mean that from the moment you decide to partner with us, we’ll arrange the packing materials and process, transport your items and ensure they are safely unpacked as requested in your new location.

4. Long-Distance Experience

Our Montreal movers long-distance team has experience taking residential and commercial property across country lines, with moves as long as a 3,000-mile round-trip from Montreal to Florida. As a Montreal moving company, we’ve covered thousands of miles, meaning we’re experienced in safely and securely transporting your items from Toronto to Montreal. Enjoy a dedicated team of movers to help you move your items from city to city.

5. Turnkey Moving Services

Arranging a long-distance move doesn’t always give you the time to arrange for packing and unpacking your items. With our professional turnkey moving services, you can save time by ensuring that our team will safely pack, label, and unpack your items. Invest time in the set-up involved in moving house while we efficiently handle the packing and transporting side of the move.

6. Packing Materials Support

As a Montreal Moving company, we provide expertise in complete packing services. If you’ve forgotten to buy boxes, you can purchase them from us as part of the moving cost. Whether you need bubble wrap or wrapping rolls for fragile items or large packing boxes, we can help. Or, you can simply tell us what you need to pack and when to move, and we’ll handle the entire packing journey from end to end.

7. Discount Movings

Discount Moving’s name outlines our competitive price offering and how we can support you with a long-distance residential move. Long-distance house moves often lead to constantly mounting costs. However, from the moment you choose us as your Montreal Moving company, we’ll be able to provide you with transparent pricing. Clearly budget and track your costs with our competitive moving costs.

8. Storage Solutions

Need to store some items securely ahead of your move? We offer comprehensive storage solutions for all sizes of house or business moves. We are fully insured and offer secure and security-monitored storage options in Montreal. Whether you need a short or long-term lease, our flexible storage options will allow you to store your items for as long as you need.

9. Last-Minute Pick Up & Delivery

Do you need to pick up a last-minute item as part of your move? Our team will be happy to pick up newly purchased or stored items and deliver them to you ahead of time or transport them with the move. We can accommodate furniture purchases of every size and shape and get them safely to your door as part of the moving service between Montreal and Toronto.

10. Safely Transport Large Items

Our team is fully trained in safely and securely transporting large items as part of your move. Whether you need a four-poster bed or a grand piano transported, our team of Montreal movers can transport your items between Toronto and Montreal safely. Our storage facilities can also cater to large items, in case you need to store these before you move.

Choose Discount Moving For Your Montreal-Toronto Move

We are a Montreal moving company that has built up our reputation for quality moving services by transporting residential and commercial items long-distance. We frequently make thousand-mile trips between Canada and America with turnkey moving services, transporting and unpacking goods to a high service and professional standard.

When you partner with us, you’ll gain a new neighbor. We’ll treat your items as if they were our own, whether you’ve hired turnkey moving services or need support with transport. Our extensive knowledge of the local area and competitive pricing means we can efficiently and safely help you relocate between Montreal and Toronto.

Want to find out how our competitive pricing can help you with your move? Contact us for your free quote and begin your new life in Montreal or Toronto today.