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When searching for a local moving company to support your big move, you deserve to have 100% confidence in your decision. Here at Discount Moving, we aren’t only experts in residential moving and commercial moving. Perhaps more importantly, we’re experts in you! As Canada’s #1 specialist in local and long distance moving, Discount Moving has […]

Planning a big move?

Even the smallest, most seemingly straightforward of moves can end up being a lot more complicated than people realize. But the big moves? They’re a whole other level of complication. Moving a few boxes from one apartment to a new one just across town can be laborious; transporting an entire home’s worth of belongings from […]

Best Movers Of Montreal

Whether you’re moving to a new city or into your dream home, there’s no denying that moving can be stressful. In fact, 9 in 10 adults say that moving home is incredibly stress-inducing. One of the easiest ways to keep your stress levels down when moving is by working with a reputable moving company to […]

Planning a Big Move

Planning a big move Montreal

Moving to a new home offers a chance to have a fresh start, but there’s a lot that has to happen before you get to enjoy all the homey comforts of your new property. For instance, you have to go through the process of actually moving all of your belongings from your current house to […]

How to choose the best moving services for seniors?

Moving is never an easy task. It’s mentally and physically exhausting. Just imagine what a mountain a move can be for an elderly person preparing to move. Many elderly people are well looked after by their children and grandchildren, who can lend a helping hand. But others, unfortunately, may be on their own and have […]

Our tips for planning a move from Montreal to the suburbs

Metropolitan life has fueled your social life for many years, and it was in this very city that you met your beloved. Although you’ve spent many wonderful years enjoying this city, a grandchild, your first or second, will soon come along and you’ll start to suffocate in your little 4 1/2. Or maybe you’ve had […]

Moving from Quebec to the United States

Quebec City attracts tourists from all over the world because of its beauty and historic charm… But you’ve seen enough! You want to get off the beaten track and experience a new adventure in the United States. You’ve found out where, you’ve found a job, or you’re off to study at a prestigious university. Everything’s […]

How can I save money when moving to Montreal?

Moving season is fast approaching, and you may be one of the lucky ones moving to Montreal this year. This year, you’ve decided to finally deal with a moving company after some bad experiences with a shady truck and unreliable friends. But you don’t necessarily have a big budget and you want to reduce potential […]

Affordable moving services in Montreal

Even if you’re used to it, moving is always stressful. Finding a new home in Montreal, whether it’s an apartment, condo or house, is a daunting task. Prices are exorbitant and demand is high. And once you’ve found it, the actual move begins to weigh heavily on your shoulders. Who do you hire? How do […]

Affordable moving service in Montreal

Moving is a real adventure. When you decide to move, you have to start by finding a new home, which is no easy task. Once that’s done, the next step is to decide how to go about the move. You’ve decided to deal with professionals rather than do everything yourself. It’s an excellent decision, and […]