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Cheap student moving in Montreal

Yahoo! A new stage in your life begins. You’re excited to begin this new adventure at one of Montreal’s many universities. Perhaps you’re from out of town, or you’ve finally decided to leave the family nest. It’s probably your first solo move, and you’re a little less enthusiastic about the idea. Already, with the stress of school starting soon, the stress of finding a small student job in a city you don’t know, it’s starting to feel like a lot. You imagine your father carrying your little brother up the spiral staircase to a refrigerator, and you’re already worried about his back. 

Avoid injuries and deal with a moving company you can trust! 

We understand that money is tight when you’re a student. That’s why we offer a low-cost moving service especially for students in Montreal.

We’re very familiar with the situation of students, and have carried out several moves in the past. Some companies don’t dare to do student moves, because they’re often small moves. As far as we’re concerned, no move is too small for us. 

We know the city of Montreal inside out, and we’ll know how to deal with common obstacles: difficult parking, narrow staircases, old apartments without elevators. Even if you’re not familiar with the city, we’ll be able to guide you. 

No matter where you’re from, we offer moving services throughout Quebec. Are you moving from Trois-Rivières, Rouyn-Noranda or even Gaspé? No problem, we’ll be there for you! We even offer moving services for students from Ontario and the Eastern United States.

Your parents are far away, you don’t yet have any friends in your new city, and you’re left alone with furniture from a certain Swedish furniture manufacturer… The manual specifically mentions two people to assemble it. Avoid injuring yourself or breaking your brand-new furniture by using our furniture assembly services. You’ll get settled into your new home even faster, and you’ll be able to start using your furniture before your parents can visit you in your new home. 

If you have specific requirements for your move, we certainly have the solution! Nothing scares us, no piece of furniture is too big, no task is too difficult. 

We offer fixed-price removals, so there are no surprises. By giving us all the information about your move, you’ll know in advance what price you’ll have to pay. That takes a lot of the stress out of moving.

If you’re interested in our economical moving services, contact us for a quote. You’ll finally be able to think about something other than your move and enjoy our new student life! (By the way, if you want to party, Saint-Laurent is the place to do it. Enjoy!)