How to save money on a residential move

If you are in the process of moving home, you will already know that legal fees and property taxes make it a very expensive – albeit rewarding – process. Still, there is a great deal of pressure to reduce financial waste so that you can start the next chapter in style. Knowing how to save money on a residential move is one of the most effective solutions.

While there are several Terrebonne moving companies to consider, Discount Moving prides itself on offering the most affordable professional service for local and long distance relocations. Here’s some advice from our experts to help you unlock even greater financial efficiency.


Moving home is the perfect opportunity to start afresh, and a thorough decluttering session ahead of the relocation is an ideal place to start. When you have fewer possessions to move, the process can be completed in a quicker time and with smaller vehicles. This will translate to financial savings. Furthermore, selling unwanted goods can be a great way to generate additional funds.

On a side note, it is a wise move to run down your refrigerator and freezer in the weeks leading up to moving day. Otherwise, spoiled foods will be an additional source of financial waste that hits your pocket hard.

Hire a residential moving company in Terrebonne

Taking the DIY approach may seem to be the obvious money-saving strategy. In reality, though, Terrebonne moving companies can actively drive down the cost of your move. When hiring a team of experts, you will not need to hire a truck, loading and unloading equipment, or other accessories that quickly turn the DIY route into a very costly one indeed. The one-off cost of hiring a moving company is usually cheaper.

When you add this to the fact that you will save time, it makes a lot of sense to take the professional route of hiring a residential moving company in Terrebonne. Not least because it lets you focus your attention elsewhere.

Pack items yourself

While residential moving companies save you the expense – and hassle – of hiring the items needed for the move, the DIY route is still the most cost-effective option in some areas of the planning process. Packing possessions yourself will reduce the cost of hiring a moving company because the professionals will not need to spend hours packing items. On a similar note, you can save funds by disconnecting appliances yourself.

You can pick up cheap cardboard boxes and packing supplies online. Alternatively, your local grocery store will probably throw out boxes, pallets, and other items on a daily basis. Most will be happy to donate them to you free of charge.

Take care of items

There is no greater waste of money than discovering broken possessions once you unload them after arriving at the new property. From wrapping delicate items tightly to positioning big items face down on the truck, several steps can be taken to protect your valuables. Meanwhile, you’ll also want to take care of your existing property. A deep clean will stop your landlord or buyer from trying to charge you money. You can take the DIY option here.

Experts like Discount Moving also have full insurance, which gives you added reassurance that simply isn’t available when using inferior options. To see just how affordable the moving process in Terrebonne can be, arrange a free quote with our experts today.