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Our tips for planning a move from Montreal to the suburbs

Metropolitan life has fueled your social life for many years, and it was in this very city that you met your beloved. Although you’ve spent many wonderful years enjoying this city, a grandchild, your first or second, will soon come along and you’ll start to suffocate in your little 4 1/2. Or maybe you’ve had enough of suffocating in this city and need some space. Or would you like to give your dog a large outdoor yard? With home ownership almost unattainable for the average person on the island of Montreal, you’ve decided to take the big step: moving to the suburbs!

With telecommuting, moving to the suburbs is much more advantageous than before the pandemic, but it can be very intimidating to change cities, change neighbors, change environments. So planning the actual move… that’s one of those things you just don’t have the head for!

But don’t worry, we’ll help you out a little today by giving you some tips on how to plan your move and start your new life without too much hassle!

Tip #1

Sort your stuff

We all have boxes still sitting in the back of a closet that haven’t been opened since your last move… ten years ago! It’s a great idea to sort through your belongings before you move. Do a Marie Kondo of yourself (that Japanese cleaning pro who’s all the rage on Netflix) and take the time to look at everything you have and get rid of superfluous items that just take up space and serve no purpose. This way, you’ll avoid moving things you don’t need that would take up space in the truck and in your new home.

Tip #2

Use professional movers

It’s always tempting to save money by dealing with a few friends and a truck borrowed from your aunt’s cousin’s uncle. Yes, it’s economical… But that’s where the advantages end. You risk having to make several round trips, which isn’t so bad if you’re moving within the city, but driving between Montreal and the suburbs isn’t always a piece of cake, and you risk losing several hours in traffic. What’s more, if you’re honest with yourself, you know that some of your friends are going to stand you up. So you’ll end up with your father, developing a backache trying to get appliances down spiral staircases. That’s why we strongly advise you to deal with qualified movers. Movers are well-equipped, know the challenges of the city and are used to making moves. The move will be much easier and much simpler.

Tip #3

Prepare for the movers’ arrival

Okay, you’ve made the decision to hire a mover. Now there are a few things you can and should do to make the move easier. For example, did you know that freezers and refrigerators should be unplugged at least 24 hours before the move? If you don’t, you risk damaging your appliances. If some furniture has to be dismantled, you can dismantle it in advance, which will speed up the move. Make sure you leave the way clear for the movers, as some furniture is difficult to carry, and crowded passageways can slow down the move.

Tip #4

Choose the right moving company

With all the options available on the Internet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Who should you choose among all the companies that seem to offer similar services? First, take the time to filter out companies that don’t offer moves to the South Shore or the North Shore. By choosing companies that are used to this kind of move, the movers will know how to deal with the obstacles that usually arise during this type of move. Make sure you find a moving company you can trust. We’ve all heard the horror stories of movers ripping off their customers in one way or another, or simply being ill-equipped and unskilled. Make sure you choose a company that is well insured, which ensures that your belongings will arrive safely at your new home, and that if they don’t, you’re protected. Insured companies will often take better care of your belongings, because if they do too much damage, their insurance premium could go up.

Tip #5

Choose an all-inclusive move

If you want to make your move to the 450 as simple as possible, the ideal solution is to opt for a complete, all-inclusive move. That way, you won’t even have to think about your move-the movers will do everything for you. What’s included in a complete move? A complete move can include packing and unpacking your belongings. What exactly does this mean? It means you won’t even have to pack or unpack your boxes. The moving team will install your belongings in your new home, and with a snap of the fingers, your move will be complete and you’ll be able to enjoy your new home. Often, when you move to the suburbs, you need a lot of new furniture, as properties there are often larger. Well, movers can also offer furniture assembly services, depending on your needs. You won’t even have to lift a finger, and your move to the suburbs will be complete! It’s the stress-free option for the easiest move of your life.

To book a move to the South Shore or a move to the North Shore with an experienced moving company, contact us for a quick quote.