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MonSeptember 4, 2023

Even the smallest, most seemingly straightforward of moves can end up being a lot more complicated than people realize. But the big moves? They’re a whole other level of complication. Moving a few boxes from one apartment to a new one just across town can be laborious; transporting an entire home’s worth of belongings from one city to another can seem like a seemingly impossible task.

But of course, it’s not impossible — after all, many people do it every single year. So it’s very much achievable, but you will need to take the right steps to make the move as smooth as possible (and to avoid those stress-induced headaches). 

In this post, we’ll run through some tried and tested tips that will set your residential moving journey on the right path. And don’t forget: if you’re looking for expert Montreal to Toronto movers, then be sure to get in touch with us here at Discount Moving by calling +1 514-933-3555. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Free Quote’ button at the top of this page and submit your information online.  

Start Early

Very few people decide to randomly pack up their lives and move to a new city overnight. If you’re planning a big move, then you’ll likely know about it a few months before you actually make the move. It’s recommended to use that time wisely. It might be nice to sit around and daydream about what your new life will be like once you’re settled into your new city, but you’ll be much better served by beginning the planning process as early as you can. After all, it’s much easier to do everything in the space of three months than it is to do everything in three weeks.

Get Organized 

As we said above: moving is complicated. And that’s not just because of all the items you need to move from one property to another. There’s also all the paperwork, agreements, key information you need to have to hand, phone numbers, and much more. You’ll find that your moving experience is much more straightforward if you have all that information neatly organized in a folder. Trying to find a crucial piece of paper when your home is filled with packed boxes is a struggle that everyone could do without. 

Declutter Your Home

It’s a challenge to move all of your items. But here’s the thing: you don’t necessarily need to transport all of your belongings. There’s a high probability that you have a whole host of items that you no longer need (or perhaps even want). It’s recommended to go have a cutthroat clearout before you begin packing. If you haven’t used an item for six months, then it’s likely you won’t use it for another six months. Get rid of it. You can donate your unwanted items, or you can sell them online and raise some money that can help contribute towards your moving costs. 

Pack What You Can 

Most people begin packing up their belongings a couple of weeks before they begin moving. They do that because well, they’re still living in their current property and living their life, so they need to have access to their belongings. But that’s unlikely to be the case in practice. If you’re moving in the winter months, then you can pack up your BBQ and summer clothing and be reasonably confident you won’t need them before you move. You can also pack those once-in-a-while goods, such as books. As you get closer to moving day, you’ll have peace of mind that a fair chunk of your belongings are already in boxes. 

Book Professional Services Early

It’s much easier to hire professional companies to help you during the moving process rather than trying to do it yourself. After all, you can battle your way through trying to do things all on your own, or you can simply bring the experts on board and let them handle the work. If you’re looking to hire cleaners, painters, or long distance movers Montreal, then it’s best to do so as early as possible. If you leave it too late, you might find that all the slots are fully booked. Get the peace of mind of knowing that the key personnel you need for straightforward residential moving Montreal are in place as early as possible.

Don’t Pack the Essentials

You’ll be packing up your entire life, but there are some items that you’ll want to keep to one side. After all, you will need to make it through the day (and possibly the night) before you get to unpack. Fill a bag with all the essentials that you need, including toiletries, device chargers, a change of clothes, toys to keep your children entertained, and so forth. 

Connecting Your New Property

You’ll have a less-than-warm welcome to your new property if there’s no electricity, heat, or water. Before you move, make sure your new place will be connected to the grid on the day that you arrive. 

Don’t Plan on Doing Everything In One Day 

It’ll be a relief when you finally have all of your items in your new home. While you’ll be eager to settle in and begin living your new life, it’s best to wait until the following day before you begin unpacking your goods. If you’ve put together that bag of essential items, then you’ll have everything you need to make it through the night. After a hard day of work, now’s the time to simply order a pizza and embrace the satisfaction that comes from finally moving into your new property. 

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