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Planning a Big Move

WedJune 28, 2023

Planning a big move Montreal
Planning a big move Montreal

Moving to a new home offers a chance to have a fresh start, but there’s a lot that has to happen before you get to enjoy all the homey comforts of your new property. For instance, you have to go through the process of actually moving all of your belongings from your current house to your new property, and this is often a bigger task than many people realize. 

Indeed, they say that moving house is one of life’s most stressful events, and that’s in large part due to the sheer challenge of transporting a life’s worth of goods from one place to another. You can help to make this process as smooth as possible with a little bit of advance preparation and planning.

In this post, we’ll look at some handy tips that’ll put you on the right track whether you’re making a long distance move from Montreal to elsewhere in Canada or the United States, or from Montreal to surrounding areas. 

Start Planning ASAP

Anything can be stressful if you feel rushed for time. The job of packing and transporting belongings is always bigger than people believe, so it’s best to give yourself as much time as possible. As soon as you know that you’ll be moving, get to work on planning how you’ll move your items. It’s much easier to get things ready when you have three months to do, rather than three weeks. You might think that you can take it easy until you get closer to your moving date, but don’t be fooled — it’ll come up faster than you think!

Purge Your Home 

The greater the number of items you have to move, the greater the challenge. Moving house is a great opportunity to go through all of your items and decide whether you really need to take them with you. If you’ve been living in your current property for some years, then there’s a high chance that your drawers are filled with plenty of items that you just don’t need to take with you because you no longer use them, they’re broken, or you’re just not in love with them. You can recycle or chuck the broken goods, and sell or donate the rest. It’s best to be strict with the items you purge — you’ll be thankful once it comes to moving day. 

Get in Touch with Professional Movers

Anything that can help to minimize the stress of moving is welcome. While you may technically be able to move your belongings to your new property by yourself, unless you have significant experience in moving home, then it’s unlikely that you can do so efficiently. Hiring a moving company to transport your goods for you will help to make the process much more straightforward. It’s best to get in touch with a moving company as early as possible, so you can be sure that you’ll have an experienced team to help once the big day arrives. At Discount Moving, we’re happy to provide a free quote for our services, so be sure to contact us to see how we can help you. 

Grab Your Moving Supplies

You’re going to need plenty of packing supplies for an efficient move. Once you know when you’ll be moving, start acquiring those boxes, packing tape rolls, bubble wrap, mattress bags, and anything else that you think you’ll need. You may be able to find free supplies by searching local Facebook groups, though be sure to double-check the quality of the supplies on offer: your boxes will need to be strong and sturdy if they’re going to arrive at your new property in one piece.

Handle Utility Services

It’s not just your belongings that need to be transferred to your new home. Your basic utilities, such as your internet, cable subscription, gas, electric, and water do, too. In the weeks running up to the big move, be sure to get in contact with your utility suppliers to ensure that the utilities at the property you’re leaving are switched off (on your move-out date) and that they’re switched on at your new home. 

Smart Packing

You’ll be making the job of unpacking your belongings much, much easier if you use smart packing tips. For instance, make sure you only pack heavy items in small boxes (they’ll be too heavy to carry if they’re in larger boxes with other goods), label every box with a marker pen, and take special care with fragile items. It’s also wise to utilize empty spaces, such as space in wardrobes, trash cans, and so on.

Moving isn’t easy. But neither does it need to be overly complicated. Follow our tips, and you’ll be on your way to having a successful moving experience.