Special-priced moving service for seniors in Montreal

Moving homes is always complex, and it’s even more so for an elderly person. Even if they don’t have to move the furniture, packing boxes for days on end can be physically demanding and require a lot of energy. What’s more, they’ll also have to empty the boxes when they arrive in their new home! Often, they get help from their children, but they work and don’t always have the time to come and help. It’s essential to hire a mover, but unfortunately, moving costs are becoming more and more expensive, and seniors’ incomes aren’t rising. 

That’s why we offer a specially priced moving service for seniors in Montreal. Our turnkey moving services are the perfect solution for our seniors. Our comprehensive services will enable them to move without exhausting themselves, or even lifting a finger! 

Whether it’s a small move to a retirement home or a more complex move between two homes, our trusted moving company will be there for you. We offer packing services, so the senior in your life (or you!) won’t have to pack boxes themselves. We even offer unpacking services to quickly move your belongings into your new home. That way, the move can be completed quickly and efficiently. We understand that no matter where you’re moving from, it’s not all smooth sailing, which is why we offer these services at low prices so you can enjoy them. 

With our comprehensive moving services, you won’t have to worry about your belongings and furniture. We know that everything you move is of great value to you, which is why we have well-equipped moving trucks and a professional team who are fully trained to take good care of your belongings. You won’t have to worry about your beautiful antique lamp – it’ll arrive in one piece, without a hitch. 

Our team understands Montreal’s challenges and knows how to overcome them. We are fully equipped to deal with obstacles, such as heavy, oversized furniture that has difficulty fitting into tight stairwells. To overcome this problem, we also offer palletizing services. We have a solution for every problem. We even move pianos, one of the biggest challenges in moving, given their great weight. 

We also offer furniture disassembly and assembly services, which can greatly simplify your life. In no time at all, you or your loved one will be installed, without having to lift a finger. It’ll be the easiest move of your life. 

If you or a loved one is a senior and you’re looking for a complete, quality moving service in Montreal, contact us for a special price and a quote.