How can I save money when moving to Montreal?

Moving season is fast approaching, and you may be one of the lucky ones moving to Montreal this year. This year, you’ve decided to finally deal with a moving company after some bad experiences with a shady truck and unreliable friends. But you don’t necessarily have a big budget and you want to reduce potential costs. Today, we’d like to show you a few ways to make your move more economical. 

Do business with a trusted, cost-effective moving company.

By dealing with a trusted moving company, you can be sure of getting the job done right and quickly. This reduces the chances of damage to your furniture and possessions, which could result in additional costs. That’s why you need to make sure you choose a company with well-equipped moving trucks. What’s more, some less serious companies may promise you an abnormally low price and then surprise you on moving day with an exorbitant price that exceeds your budget. Ask the company about rates before you book – some companies are much cheaper than others.

Getting ready

Make sure your boxes are well prepared and easily accessible to the movers. This will save you time and money. You can also make things easier by unplugging all your appliances, especially refrigerators and freezers. These should have at least 24 hours to return to room temperature before you move them. Failure to do so could complicate the move and result in additional costs. Be sure to inform the moving company of any obstacles or peculiarities in your apartment. Are you on the first floor or 4th floor?e floor? Are there stairs? Does furniture have to go over the balcony? That way, the movers will know what to expect, and when they quote, they’ll be able to better assess the price, so you won’t have any nasty surprises. 

Make a good sort

Sorting your belongings is one of the easiest ways to reduce moving costs. You’ll reduce the workload for the movers, and you may need a smaller truck than planned, which obviously saves you money. Think carefully about the space you have in your new home. Will that bookcase have a place, or will it take up too much space? You could also sell the things you no longer need. This is one way to finance your move and save money. 

Choose another date

As you probably know, prices are often inflated in the run-up to the 1er July. Although it’s rarely in your control, choosing a different moving date is always a good way to save on moving costs. You could, for example, move a little in advance, avoiding weekends. If you can even move at a different time of year, you’re likely to make significant savings, since demand is much lower. 

If you’re looking for an economical moving service in Montreal, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.