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Why Do People Move to a New Home?

Have you put your roots down someplace? If so, packing up your belongings and heading out to an entirely new area might not make sense to you. Yet, it’s something that countless people go through every year.  

Why do people move, and why are they so willing to go through the hassle? Discount Moving, Montreal’s trusted movers, helps plenty of individuals and families relocate every year. The team’s informative guide below explains the appeal of moving, including the top reasons people give for choosing to move homes.

Changes in Family Dynamics

What’s one of the top reasons for relocating? Surprisingly, it often happens with a shift in someone’s family dynamic. This change looks different for everybody, yet moving often serves as the best solution in the end. 

Common examples include the following:

  • Staying in a cramped apartment might feel exciting as a newlywed couple starts their marriage, but things change when they want to grow their family. 
  • A couple going through a divorce may no longer live together, with one or both spouses deciding that starting anew in a different home would be ideal. 
  • An accomplished professional might decide to move out of their family home and establish their own.

No matter what type of family dynamic you currently have, it could change at any time. You might decide that packing up and starting over sounds like a smooth transition, and a new home can help you do that.

Job Opportunities or Commute Distance

While it’s easy to understand a couple upsizing a home as they add children to the mix, why do people move long-distance? Often, it’s a job opportunity. Some job offers are too good to pass up and then require relocating to a new home several hours away. 

A surprising number of people pack up their belongings and travel to a different city for the sake of their careers. Getting a great job offer can mark the start of an exciting transition into a new career field and home. Countless Montreal residents even find themselves venturing into the United States because of work. 

Still, you don’t always have to accept a new job to want to relocate. What if moving to a new neighbourhood closer to your current job drastically cuts your commute time? You’ll spend less time on the road and enjoy a better work-life balance. 

Upgrading or Downsizing

Why do people move beyond changes in their family or employment? Maybe their current home no longer suits their lifestyle and belongings. 

Wouldn’t you move into a slightly bigger, more comfortable space given the opportunity? Think of the benefits like more storage space. It’s also a bonus to allow all the occupants of your home to spread out rather than being confined to a few small rooms. 

On the other hand, homeowners also choose to downsize, especially older adults and empty nesters. Moving to a smaller space comes with undeniable benefits at this point in life, such as:

  • Money savings
  • Less maintenance
  • Decluttering

Being Closer To Loved Ones

It’s tough to live far away from family members you love. You might only see them on special occasions rather than at frequent gatherings throughout the year. 

When it is time to get together, do you or those family members dread figuring out travel plans for the occasion? Travelling long distances throughout the year can get tiresome and expensive, so why not consider moving closer to each other? Proximity eliminates the logistics and travel cost problem, which also means you can spend more time with both your immediate and extended family.

This also applies to those in long-distance relationships. Having one partner move closer to the other can strengthen the relationship and make it easier to plan dates or spend quality time together. Being closer to loved ones provides a stronger support system and can make people feel happier, which is why a big move might be well worth the hassle.

Neighbourhood Changes

Why do people move out of neighbourhoods where they’ve lived for years or even grown up in? Did the quality of the residential area evolve or deteriorate? Some people don’t want to continue living somewhere after it undergoes a drastic social, economic, or physical change.

Maybe it started out as a quiet residential neighbourhood. There was an open piece of land nearby. A decade later, that land turned into a hub for economic development. 

If the homeowner doesn’t want to live near construction or, after that, the commercial or industrial area that emerges, they may decide to move. Another home may suit them better.

Craving a Change of Scenery or Lifestyle

Living in a big city might appeal to people for a certain period in their lives, but often, this novelty wears off. Rather than relying on public transportation and being surrounded by skyscrapers, they may trade cityscapes for suburbia.

Other people might decide they want more excitement after years of living rurally. If so, packing up and moving to a major city could be the ideal solution. It gives them a change of scenery and easy access to the area’s amenities they’ve been without for so many years.

These lifestyle changes people crave don’t always center around an area’s population, either. For example, you could want to leave a frigid region for somewhere temperate for a while.

Educational Opportunities

Why do people move to a nearby town instead of staying where they are? School districts may play a role in that decision.

Let’s say a couple plans to spend decades in their dream home. However, once they have children, they discover that the nearby schools don’t meet their expectations. 

Would those parents even think twice about moving closer to better educational opportunities? Certainly not.

The Cost of Living Gets Too Expensive

Say an area provides great schools, lovely neighbourhoods, and everything that suits an ideal lifestyle. What could prompt them to relocate somewhere else with the same characteristics? The cost of living becomes a crucial factor. 

Consider all of the necessities that go into your monthly budget:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Food
  • Gas or transportation costs
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment or leisure spending

If you’re spending twice as much on rent in one area than you could spend in another, you might rightly decide to relocate and save money. In fact, finances play a key role in people finding a new home that suits their economic status. 

Health Concerns

You never know when your health will take a turn. For those with certain ailments or mobility issues, their current homes might not accommodate their needs as issues arise. Understandably, this often impacts aging adults, but people of all ages might find it best to relocate if their health becomes a concern. 

One example might be if you experience chronic knee pain and currently live in a three-story townhouse. Moving to a one-story home will be vastly better for your mobility limitations if you want to retain your independence. Another family could also benefit from moving to a rural area if one family member experiences severe respiratory issues in the city’s higher pollution levels. 

Making the best decision for your health could force you to relocate homes when you least expect to. Thankfully, a team like Discount Moving can make that moving process stress-free. 

Privacy Preferences

Why do people move to rural or suburban areas over major cities? A notable component many people prioritize during their new home search is privacy. 

Are you tired of living in an apartment building with noisy neighbours? Do you want more space to yourself? A more remote area may check those boxes. 

Properties in rural areas often have several acres of land that owners can use however they please. If you’re someone who values their privacy, you might find yourself wanting to prioritize that in the future.

Transitioning From a Tenant to a Homeowner

People tend to rent properties for a number of different reasons, including the following:

  • They don’t have the finances to purchase a home. 
  • They don’t want the responsibility of being a homeowner. 
  • The local housing market doesn’t have many properties for sale. 

No matter the reason for renting, it’s also possible that these scenarios can change over time. For instance, homes might become available at a time when a long-time tenant is ready to buy and has their finances secure. They could also have a subpar landlord and prefer to tackle projects or upgrades on their own, which calls for owning their own home. 

Rental properties might serve as a temporary solution if you’re trying to save money before owning your own home or don’t anticipate being in one location long-term. However, when the time comes to transition from being a tenant to a homeowner, consider getting help from a professional moving service to streamline the process.

Choose Discount Moving for Your Upcoming Relocation

Why do people move? After reading this guide, you no longer have to wonder. If you’re looking to save money when moving long-distance or right down the road, give Discount Moving a call at (514) 933-3555 for a free quote from professional movers you can count on.